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2009-12-28 08:40 pm
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Shippings ~ ♥

Pairings that I'm especially fond of, and ship. I usually am quite picky and dislike it when people ship other pairings. But I put up with it, as you must in fandom :]. Most of them are slash, and have only one pairing per character ('cause I'm a romantic like that :D), but on occasion there will be multiple pairings. Mostly they're kinky, and non-con. :] Also, some can just be passing 'Oh, that's kinda cute', but not big ones that I LURVE.

ALSO ALSO, I put them in order of Seme/Uke (or Seme/Seme/Uke). :D

Italics indicate my favorites, especially on the odd occasion that there is more than one pairing per character.
(U/t) means, essentially, Uke on top. It's for the characters when the one being fucked is the one who's in charge. And the 'Seme' is often unwilling.

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Star Trek 2009
 - Spock/Kirk
&emps;- Pike/Number One
 - Pike/Kirk
 - Spock/Uhura
 - Scotty/Uhura
 - Sulu/Chekov