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2030-01-11 11:27 pm
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Obligatory Intro Post :]

Hallo! This Journal is mostly going to be a bin for my mental throw-up. :D Nothing more, nothing less. Um. I think :D.

Semi-Public, in that most (if not all) of my plotting posts are going to be private, and for my view pleasure only :3

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2009-12-28 08:40 pm
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Shippings ~ ♥

Pairings that I'm especially fond of, and ship. I usually am quite picky and dislike it when people ship other pairings. But I put up with it, as you must in fandom :]. Most of them are slash, and have only one pairing per character ('cause I'm a romantic like that :D), but on occasion there will be multiple pairings. Mostly they're kinky, and non-con. :] Also, some can just be passing 'Oh, that's kinda cute', but not big ones that I LURVE.

ALSO ALSO, I put them in order of Seme/Uke (or Seme/Seme/Uke). :D

Italics indicate my favorites, especially on the odd occasion that there is more than one pairing per character.
(U/t) means, essentially, Uke on top. It's for the characters when the one being fucked is the one who's in charge. And the 'Seme' is often unwilling.

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Star Trek 2009
 - Spock/Kirk
&emps;- Pike/Number One
 - Pike/Kirk
 - Spock/Uhura
 - Scotty/Uhura
 - Sulu/Chekov

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2009-06-02 11:24 am
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Creative Archive

The easiest way to sort through my creative upchucking will be through this archive. The stories, art, etc. will be organized by topic, medium, and maybe by relevance to the topic's timeline and inspiration for the work. But don't count on the timeline one, 'cause it will be murder to decide which story/artwork will go where in the timeframe - especially if they're just random drabbles that have little to no importance in the story. This will be updated at the same time anything is posted.

Basic summaries of each of the plots will be provided.

“In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.” )

More plots to be added as they come.